Wedding Flowers and Floristry BallaghaderreenFirst recorded by the ancient Greeks, many flowers and herbs have been used in wedding ceremonies for centuries. Bridal bouquets more commonly contained herbs such as Rosemary and Marjoram in ancient times, symbolically warding of spirits and bad luck. Medieval knights would wear the colours of his Lady. Sweedish grooms traditionally carried Thyme to ward of trolls. The grooms brother in Indian tradition often showered the couple with petals to ward off bad luck.

In the 20th century, the use of floral arrangements evolved from the purely symbolic to also serve an aesthetic role, with careful design and artistic arrangement according to style and fashion. All Seasons Florists dedicate themselves to incorporating the symbolic elements of your tradition with the modern aesthetic to accentuate your wedding experience.

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Some of the many options which All Seasons Florists can help you with are:

  • Wedding Party Flowers
    • Bridal bouquets
    • Bridal party bouquets
    • Corsages
    • Boutonnières
  • Church flowers
    • Altar centrepieces
    • Pew ends
    • Pedestal Arrangements
    • Church door arrangements or Topiary Trees
  • Reception flowers
    • Pedestal Arrangements
    • Centerpieces for the top table
    • Thank you bouquets