Funeral flowers - Lillies in a fieldPlacing flowers at burial sites is one of our oldest rituals. Evidence of flowers has been found at the earliest known burial sites. While it can be difficult to speak words of sympathy when saying goodbye, flowers need little verbal accompaniment. As symbols of compassion and kindness, funeral flowers promote a warmth and grace at a funeral.

All Seasons Florists is operated by Tom Sharkey & Sons Ltd. who have been Funeral Directors for over a century. Since the late 1800's and over four generations, the family have conducted funerals. As such, there is a long tradition and understanding of the role of floral bequests at funeral services, in the home of the deceased and in the church. All Seasons Florists carry a wide selection of silk flower wreaths and arrangements as well as offering fresh flower wreaths, bouquets and many other arrangements. Customised floral tributes are also a speciality, so please do not hesitate to ask for a floral tribute which reflects your own remembrances.